Catching up with some new releases this week, all these tracks have come out over the last few months and this, as seems to ever be the case these days, points to a thriving and diverse scene. Enjoy this latest Psych Insight playlist!

Heads of Easter Island by White Manna

This track is from a new DL/Cassette compilation fundraising release from Sky Lantern Records in aid of those protesting against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. All the artists have given the tracks so get on over to Sky Lantern to make your donation and get some great tunes in the process:

“In support of this important ongoing struggle, a coalition of musicians from the psychedelic rock and experimental music underground have banded together and donated tracks to raise funds to help support the movement. This is an international display of solidarity which includes several names familiar to the Sky Lantern Records roster (dig new studio cuts from Centralstödet and Dead Sea Apes, as well as the latest avant-cult transmission from Argentina’s Ø+yn) as well as many new friends from across the artistic and cultural spectrum, several of which (including radical desert free-jazz ensemble Sunn Trio) will be releasing new music on SLR in the near future. There is almost an hour and a half of almost entirely previously unreleased recordings here, and while the artists represented may be diverse, there are threads tying all of the sounds here together beneath a banner which cries out: stand with Standing Rock!”

Dark Star by Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement

“To say that this is a remarkable album would be a total understatement. It is a set that has grabbed me from the first moment I heard it and has just kept on giving…and giving…and giving. For me it is a total tour de force and, as far as I’m aware, really unique in its approach. The combination of a rhythm section with two drum kits, a mostly heavy, totally stoned and often fuzzy guitar, and a sax that just jumps all over the place is really a combination that shouldn’t work. Except it bloody does, and how?”

Read the full review of Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement’s album, ‘Moral Machine’ here.

El Beach by Limiñanas

From the new Limiñanas album, Malamore, out now.

Plná Krvy by Baba Naga

This is the second in a trilogy of self-released 10” EPs. “Plná Krvy” / “DeificYen” will be released physically on Nov 4th. Produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys/ Drenge/ God Damn) with artwork by Detroit illustrative artist David Medel, the EP picks up on the trio’s different, future-leaning brand of heavy, driving psychedelia.

Impulse by Tentakel

Superb new 7″ release from Höga Nord, who say:

“Gothenburg’s most manic drummer Pontus Torstensson (URAN, The Exorcist GBG) has created a one man army. Its name? Tentacle…The project has already got a rep for the live shows. Now it´s finally here in physical form in the shape of 300 seven inches lazed with drums and synthesizers. Rythmn and the dubby blues. Techno, Dub, Kraut – you can hear it all in the dark moods. Cosmic kraut-techno with some ambient” is Pontus own words for it.”

Sun Ship by BJM

New single from the forthcoming album ‘Third World Pyramid’, released in October 2016.

The Mirror (Part 1) by Civil Civic

Europe-based Australians Civil Civic are back with a second album, ‘The Test’, on Gross Domestic Product records. More info here.

Vertigo Rising by Moaning Cities

New single from the up coming EXAG album release D.Klein by Moaning Cities.

Sun Spectre by Giobia

This is a great track from the new Fuzz Club Records compilation, ‘Reverb Conspiracy Vol.4’; which features tracks from My Invisible Friend, Ulrika Spacek, Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation, The Madcaps, Soft Walls, Pretty Lightning, The Oscillation, TAU, 10000 Russos, The Orange Revival and Throw Down Bones. Available here.

Oracle War by Taman Shud

I’ve just come back from the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, where one of the new bands (for me) that I saw was Taman Shud. As I mentioned in my festival report “brooding, apocalyptic and heavy were all words that came to mind a this band ripped through an intense set that took no prisoners and left me in a state of frayed nervousness as I sought to come back from the edge of the musical abyss that the band took me too.” I managed to pick up a copy of the bands new album ahead of this week’s release, of which ‘Oracle War’ is the lead track. Available here.

Cha Cha Cha by SPR!

Another brilliant Höga Nord release, from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Mental Health’. More info from the label’s website here.

Rushing Through My Mind by Josefin Öhrn and the Liberation

Ace new single from Josefin Öhrn and her band, the second from the forthcoming Rocket Recordings album, Mirage.

21st Century Slave by Baby Woodrose

Track from the new Baby Woodrose album ‘Freedom’ recently released on Bad Afro. No further introduction necessary.

As We Fall by orsak: oslo

Great slice of stoner rock from Swedish band orsak: oslo. They were a new one on me when they got in touch, check out their other releases here.

Soy Dios IV by Dead Sea Apes

Dead Sea Apes have re-released its first single from 2010, re-worked with an added track (the one that appears here). Note that record label Cardinal Fuzz have already sold out of this title on vinyl, but it is still available from the band here. North American fans can also get the vinyl from Sky Lantern Records here. Sky Lantern have also produced a cassette version…available at the above links.


For full review, click here.

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