WE’VE MOVED TO ‘THE FRAGMENTED FLANEUR‘ VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU OVER THERE. STILL THE SAME GREAT CONTENT, JUST UNDER A NEW NAME. CHEERS! Halleluhwah by Can Tribute to Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit who died recently. What a drummer, what a band. Without them much of what I post here wouldn’t have been made.
God of Nicaragua by Feral Ohms First release from  the album “Self-Titled” available 24/03/17 on Silver Current Records. This one is going to be an absolute killer!
Blood Cove by Holy Mount “‘The Drought’ is quite a trip; it’s heavy, uncompromising and totally well played. It’s the sort of album that only comes along every so often. Yes it has strong elements of doom and stoner rock, and has the sort of mesmeric effect on the listeners that puts it firmly in ‘psych’ territory. Yet, I would argue, that this album is more than this. It’s a great rock album, that I would hope would have reach beyond those genres.” To read the full review click here. Neck by Spectres ‘Neck’ is the new single from from Spectres’ second album, ‘Condition’, due out on Sonic Cathedral on March 10th.
Enter Quietly by Dire Wolves First release from Dire Wolves new album on Beyond Beyond is Beyond, click here for pre-order details.
Do It Again by The Janitors Brilliant Janitors track from 2011.
Gone by Mythologen From Mythologen’s self-titled album which will be released on vinyl, cassette and digital on 27th January on Höga Nord Records, click here for more info.
Serious Business by Grey Hairs ‘Serious Business’ from taken from the album ‘Serious Business’ by Grey Hairs on Gringo Records (click here to order).
Space Reaper by White Shape White Shape are a reverb soaked experimental heavy psychedelic rock band from Rockford, Illinois. You can download their debut EP on their bandcamp page here.
Fact 67 by Brian Jonestown Massacre and Tim Burgess  Taken from BJM’s forthcoming album ‘Don’t Get Lost’, released on 24th February on A Records.
K-rauta by Kungens Män “Realistically this is probably a release ‘between albums’, but I am really pleased that Kungens Män decided to bring these tracks out; because I would have hated to think about them sitting on some hard disc somewhere never seeing the light of day. If you are new to Kungens Män this CDr with give you a good sense of what the band are about and, if you’re like me, will make you want to find out more.” For the full review of the Bränna Tid album click here.
Aim High by Rhys Bloodjoy Psyche Attack Theories was released by Sister 9 recordings in limited edition digi-pack on December 23rd. You can pre-order your copy now by clicking here. Maggot Brain by Funkadelic  No introduction necessary!
The Reverence by Temnee Track from the band’s first album ‘Dialectics’. They are from Tver in Russia, and do a good line in heavy instrumental psych/ stoner…what;s not to like. Check out their bandcamp here. Ether by Demian Castellanos I was more than pleased to be able to premiere this new video by Antonio Curcetti to mark the release of the second solo LP by Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation) on Cardinal Fuzz and Out of Phase Frequencies. The recordings were originally made in 1995, but rediscovered by Castellanos on 2015 when the tapes were transferred and mixed.
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