WE’VE MOVED TO ‘THE FRAGMENTED FLANEUR‘ VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU OVER THERE. STILL THE SAME GREAT CONTENT, JUST UNDER A NEW NAME. CHEERS! Sweet Jesus by White Manna You can never have too much White Manna in my opinion, and I haven’t featured them for a while. Here’s a track from the band’s debut back in 2012. More here.
Cosmic Jam by CB3 Official music video for “Cosmic Jam” from CB3’s project “Adventures”, This is one of three music videos that are part of a collaboration between film and music at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö. An album follows later this year.
Cul De Sac by Has A Shadow “‘Cul De Sac’ continues the more upbeat move with more space between the instruments. It’s still intense in there by the sound is not quite as stifling, with the vocal in particular given room to manoeuvre. This stops the album, here at the halfway stage, from becoming to overwhelming.” For the full review of Has A Shadow’s album ‘Sorrow Tomorrow’ click here.
Son of a Gun by Cosmic Fall From the album ‘First Fall’. For more information, click here.
Bridge of Regret by The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol A poignant new video…”‘Bridge of Regret’ which, according to the liner notes is “dedicated to our dear friend Mathieu Trudel” a local Ottawa artist (see here for more details of his life and sad death) who clearly meant a lot to the band. With this knowledge one can better appreciate ‘Bridge of Regret’ with it’s much more introverted tone and dissonant space horn. I should say that before I was aware of the story behind it this was the stand out track of the album and, for me, the most complete track that I have heard the band do. It’s the sound of a band putting their collective hearts and souls into their music and as a result I find it to be a hugely moving piece as befits remembering someone who died young. Trudel, I believe, was 37 when he passed away.” For the full album review, click here.
JuJu Blues by Causa Sui First release from the band’s amazing new triple album, ‘Live in Copenhagen’ which, captures Causa Sui on two very special nights at the release parties of Euporie Tide (2013) & Return To Sky (2016). For more information, click captures Causa Sui at two very special nights: At the release parties of Euporie Tide (2013) & Return To Sky (2016)..
Town Called Distraction by Sauna Youth Ace track from the band’s 2012 album Dreamlands. Click here for more info.
Dreamcatcher by Black Doldrums From the new album, ‘People’s Temple’ available on CD and digital on the band’s bandcamp here; and on cassette from Eggs in Aspic here. Your Eyes by Radiation Flowers From the band’s ace self-titled album, check out the bandcamp for more here.
Defixiones by Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura From the band’s wonderful new 4xLP box set, ‘The Grand Celestial Purge’…available here. Hello by The Casey Jr. Ride New band from Mannheim, Germany. This track is from their first album ‘Heliocentric’, which you can check out here.
The Palm by Anunnaki Great track from Moths and Locusts-related band from Nanaimo, Canada. Check out the full album here. Chemical Reaction/ Chemical Delight by Destruction Unit I checked and I had never included Destruction Unit on a playlist before. Time to remedy that straight away with this absolute belter from the band’s 2016 album ‘Negative Feedback Resistor.
Ancient Land by Holydrug Couple Brilliant track from the band’s debut album ‘Awe’, released back in 2011. More information here.
GRB by Dhidalah This track is just amazing. From the 10″ ‘No Water’ EP on the absolutely fantastic Guruguru Brain label. This one will knock you sideways. Follow me on Twitter @psychinsightmusicFacebook and Instagram