WE’VE MOVED TO ‘THE FRAGMENTED FLANEUR‘ VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU OVER THERE. STILL THE SAME GREAT CONTENT, JUST UNDER A NEW NAME. CHEERS! Trojan Ghost by The Janitors “‘Horn ur Marken’ is a political album, and it is a reflection of the dark times in which we live. It is an album that offers more in the way of diagnosis and prescription than it does of cure. As such there is a certain numbness to the music on here in the way that the echo and effects combine to blur the message, because nothing is clear cut and obvious. You do not get to the end of this album and think that everything will be alright, there is no guaranteed happy ending. There is darkness, and while there can be light…at the moment there is no end of the tunnel…only the oppression of decline.” Click here for the full review Cascals by Gnoomes From the Rocket Recordings album Tschak! You Cheap Arse Motherfucker by Luminous Bodies  From the self-titled Box Records album. Experts Toll by Hey Colossus  From the forthcoming Rocket Recordings album The Guillotine
I’d Kill For Her by Black Angels From the forthcoming Partisan Records album ‘Death Song’.
After Gong by  Flowers Must Die From the forthcoming Rocket Recordings album, ‘Kompost’
Dust By Mt. Mountain “With ‘Dust’ we have a set of tracks that, while veiled and eerie, nevertheless beguile and enfold the listener. This is an album of supreme gentleness that is not easy listening but is easy to listen to. And when you do listen to it closely you really feel a presence that is almost indescribable. It’s hard to say what Mt. Mountain were channeling when they were recording this album, but they were properly in the zone. Tune in and zone out!” Click here for the full review.
Vipassana by Samsara Blues Experiment  From the forthcoming Electric Magic Records album ‘One With The Universe’
Ode To Eternal by Vinyl Williams From the Doom Trip compilation album Doom Mix Vol. 1. Tell Me The Name Of That Flower by Sundays and Cybele  “With ‘Chaos and Systems’ Sundays and Cybele have produced yet another brilliant album that is jammed full of ideas in a way that takes a few listens to full appreciate. Once you get it though this album absolutely soars into your consciousness like a sonic tsunami and then just gets better and better ever time you hear it.” Click here for the full review. Cast Into The Process by Warp Transmission  From the album Tamám Shud, watch out for a vinyl release later this year! Ride The Sun by Mothership From the Ripple Music album ‘High Strangeness’ Everyman’s Folly by Casual Nun “Casual Nun have really stepped up with ‘Psychometric Testing by…’ and produced an album that begins like a heavy noise album but gradually, over the course of five tracks, deconstructs their sound into something fabulously experimental and totally fucked up. Listen to this album all the way through and you get it. It’s about loss of control, about the psychological permeation of influences into our lives which can leave us and society fucked. Yet another really good political album of which there seem to be an increasing number this year.” Click here for the full review. Interstellar Junction by Cosmic Fall From the album ‘Kick Out The Jams’, watch out for a vinyl release later this year. Mist by 若潭 ruò tán From the WV Sorcerer Productions album ‘Stone’ Follow me on Twitter @psychinsightmscFacebookInstagram, and Bandcamp