WE’VE MOVED TO ‘THE FRAGMENTED FLANEUR‘ VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU OVER THERE. STILL THE SAME GREAT CONTENT, JUST UNDER A NEW NAME. CHEERS! The full ‘congregation’ for the Liverpool Psych Fest has been out for a while now. Exploring it has become something of an annual event for me, since I always turn up some great new music that I haven’t featured before. This year is no exception so feast your ears on these fifteen eclectic tracks which, I hope, underline how diverse the festival is…while at the sametime maintaining a certain vibe. Enjoy! Boa by The BUG vs Earth
Slow Motion by Jane Weaver
Chifundo by W.I.T.C.H.
II by Krautwerk
Unustamise Register (loopi lõige) by Eeter
Tell Me How It Is by Male Gaze
Serotonin Rushes by Fujiya and Miyagi
You Ain’t Going Nowhere by Here Lies Man
Faithless UFO Leap by Grim Brides
Society by Autobahn
Really Something by WH Lung
Let’s Break The Days by Celestial Bums
Geisterfahrer by Die Wilde Jagd
Trésor by Flavien Berger
Black Witch by Blackash