WE’VE MOVED TO ‘THE FRAGMENTED FLANEUR‘ VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU OVER THERE. STILL THE SAME GREAT CONTENT, JUST UNDER A NEW NAME. CHEERS! This is my last playlist of the year, so it’s a bit of a retrospective with some favourites of 2017. It’s been another great year for music as far as I’m concerned and this is my evidence! Enjoy! Sea Hell by Moths and Locusts 
Aurora by Lamagaia 
Zukunft by Julie’s Haircut  Walking Down the Street by Radiation Flowers Dog Ft JK Flesh by The Bug vs Earth Trepanation Breakdown by Hibushibire
Sweet Relief by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Hexus Pt.II by Black Tremor
El Fuego by Causa Sui
#FW by Cosmic Dead  Freak by White Manna Shields by Cavalier Song 11816 by Flat Worms No Water by Dhidalah You Ain’t Going Nowhere by Here Lies Man Dear Zahdia by Da Captain Trips Fogged Out (One) by Dire Wolves Backlash by Kikagaku Moyo Chasing The Tendrils by Hotel Wrecking City Traders In The Year 2039 – Adam Stone & Dead Sea Apes Follow me on Twitter @psychinsightmscFacebookInstagram, and Bandcamp