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Welcome to the Psych Insight Music website.

My name is Simon and I have been writing about ‘Psych’ Music since 2013. I do not have any hard definition about what ‘Psych’ is other than it should interest me, move me emotionally, and take me somewhere else when I listen to it closely. For me any other attempt at a definition is rather futile.

On this website you will find all sorts of music from many different genre but with some focus on: fuzz, garage, stoner, doom, ‘kraut’, space, jazz, prog, punk and many points in between and beyond. Much of what I like is experimental and improvised, and mostly from bands and labels that are making music as a labour of love…which is what the website is intended to be.

So why not go and explore the website, there is a massive ‘Band Cloud’ on the right column of each page that I’ve been having loads of fun with: using it to explore the site and reminding me of what I’ve written in the past.

Note for bands and labels.

If you think I would like your music from what is on here do get in touch through social media as below. I will give everything I get a good listen but please don’t be offended if I don’t write about it. It doesn’t mean that I think what you do is bad just that it’s not my bag…I only write about music that I really dig, and realistically that means in the same ball-park what’s here already…thanks for understanding.


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